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Why do we need provenance labels? 

To fight disinformation and misinformation 
To showcase provenance and its authenticity 
To protect against alteration 


Labeling service for your digital content (photo, video, audio), allowing you to display the origin of the content and gain the trust of your audience.

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In case of doubt about your sources, investigation and detection services for fake news and AI-generated content.

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A service for integrating the C2PA standard on your devices and platforms to display provenance, licenses, and relevant information associated with your digital contents.

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API & custom integration

Specific and tailored integration of TrustMyContent services within your infomation system (Website, Mobile App., CMS, DMA, ...)

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The display of provenance, a common challe​nge


Maintain credibility, preserving public trust, and uphold journalistic integrity in the face of misinformation challenges


Protect intellectual property, enhance brand recognition, and prevent unauthorized use or misrepresentation of your assets


Ensure transparent communication, safeguard the institution's reputation and credibility

Art & design

Protect artists' intellectual property, establish authenticity, and prevent unauthorized use or reproduction of creative works

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Who is this for?


Label the provenance of your digital contents, share it directly to the editorial team.  In case of doubt, use TrustMyContent's fact checks services


Protect your image on social media by labelling your contents as original. Directly share the content of social platforms.


Label your promotional contents on market places and social media. Add precious informations for your customers


Label your videos and pictures, protect your image from alteration, and share it on social media​.

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