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Today’s information landscape is plagued by false information, leading the public to doubt all digital media. Certify the provenance and authenticity of your content on your website and social media to reverse the trend of public disinterest in information and journalism. Easily showcase whether AI was used at any point in the making of the article, so as to ensure maximum transparency.  

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Build a trust-based relationship with your audience

Comply with obligations on transparency and AI- generated content.

Verify your sources' contents with our fact checking services


As ecommerce expands, so does the sale of counterfeit goods and brand misappropriation. Protect your online business by electronically labelling all official images, videos and descriptions.  

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Protect your brand image by using a visual and benefit from a clear tool to attribute ownership

Prevent from counterfeiting and unauthorized reproduction

 ​Use labeled contents in their promotional materials (social media, website, ad. campaigns)


Statements from imitators or fake sources can have a sizeable reputational and financial cost on public institutions and private companies. Display the provenance of your online official communication. This is particularly important for public entities that need to communicate information in a trustworthy and verifiable manner to the public.  

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Promote easily authenticity and credibility

Prevent misuse and unauthorized distribution

Enhance accountability and transparency


Generative AI threatens the livelihood of artists and creatives, undermining the inherent value of artistic labour. Distinguish the authenticity of your art from AI-generated products and protect the fruit of your artistic process. 

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Protect artistic work and style form copyright infringement

Ensure artist's visibility and recognition

Benefit from a ​mechanism for traceability and proper attribution